How to choose walkers for the elderly

Before you buy a walker, it is important to find out the level of assistance needed by the senior citizen. For instance, many seniors need just a little help from their family members when they have to go up and down the stairs or simply get in and out of bed. However, for those who need more assistance (for performing daily activities like eating and bathing) may require a heavy-duty model with wheels that can support weight up to 300 pounds. The handle height must be adjusted accordingly so that the user does not feel uncomfortable while using these models.

The handle height on all walkers is determined by the need of the user. Even walkers that are considered to be ideal for regular usage should have a handle height between 35 and 38 inches, while heavy-duty models used by more physically impaired users must have handles between 41-47 inches high. Another important consideration when buying a walker is how far it extends outwards from the body. Typically, the distance of support provided by any model should be at least 12-20 inches greater than the width of your shoulders. The handle extensions are available in various different sizes so you can get one that is most suitable for your needs.

Here are some additional features that you must keep in mind before making a purchase:
Balance wheels or rubber feet – These can help improve safety and stability during outdoor use.
Anti-slip feet – This help to take the walker over narrow spaces without getting stuck or slipping off a bumpy surface.
Padded armrests – If you plan on using the walker indoors, this feature will provide additional support for your arms while moving around freely.

Height-adjustable models are available in various designs. If you need a walker to use indoors, you can go for a four-wheeled model with narrow width and height adjustability capacity. However, if you want to use the unit outdoors or in public areas, go for a wider three-wheeled model that provides extra stability.
As mentioned above, there are many different types of walkers available in the market so it is very important to do your homework before making any purchase. By focusing on different key features when buying one, you will be able to choose the appropriate walker without compromising on safety or comfort levels. As experts have suggested using specific types of seat cushions designed especially for senior citizens, each unit must come with an effective cushion.
There must be a variety of different colors and patterns available in walkers to prevent the user from feeling bland and boring while using them. Once you have narrowed down your options based on key features, we suggest that you go through customer reviews because these will provide valuable information about how these units perform over extended periods of time.

If you are looking for the best walker that will provide maximum comfort and safety to your loved one, then don’t forget to focus on different key features before making any purchase. Learn more about stand up walkers for elderly.